don’t unpretentious but care

We focus on skin’s natural metabolism to research and produce below items # Products that skin absorb without stimulus. # Products that make skin comfort.

  • A Our research and development is focused on the skin’s natural purification and regeneration effect. That is why our products contain White Clay etc.
  • B Luminis only research and develop fundamental cosmetics. The reason is our best goal is helping you comfortably care your skin daily for batter skin than yesterday instead of unnatural make up.
  • C it is not difficult to give feeling of the improved skin by scant or chemicals for short terms. Luminis consider long term effect on the skin when others are caught up fake feeling of improvement.

From purchasing to review

  • A in order to help your clear and wise purchasing decision, we show all the contents and effect as it actually is without exaltation or deceit.
  • B we would actively listen customers opinion about product/delivery/ service and apply it to our products and service so that we could improve Luminis with customers.
  • C From product development to consumer usage in home, our priority goal is how we make our customers’ heart and the skin comport.

Rest for Your Skin
Rest for Your Soul

We want to give truly comfortable relax to the customers’ skin. Furthermore, we want to give the peace of mind to customers.

  • A No Cosmetic could care your skin 100%, no matter how they are good. Mind in peace and fine skin complexity is closely connected. Luminis want to be a cosmetic brand that gives relaxation to not only your skin but also your heart.
  • B The initial product of Luminis is cleansing foam that focus on waste management without stimulation. We think it is key of the skin relax. The second development is non-stimulation massage cream for athletic women in order to relax mussel and skin both.

Luminis is going to be the brand the listen your voice carefully for comfortable skin and soul and grow up together

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